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The Team Colorado Program 2020/21


Team Colorado (TC) provides a rich development experience for all players (ages 13-19) guided by a structure that is based on proven scientific research and best coaching practices.  TC boasts a high-performance age-appropriate program with a target of 120 practice touches and 60 games for 19U and 16U players, and 110-115 practice touches and 45-50 games for 14U players. 

Off-ice training led by a strength and conditioning coach occurs three days per week, and mental performance coaching by a trained professional occurs biweekly.  All weekly practices (Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday) are at Big Bear Ice Arena (8580 E Lowry Blvd, Denver, CO 80230).  All Team Colorado players will have an individual storage stall in a fully dedicated professional team locker room throughout the season at Big Bear.  Weekend ice for practices, scrimmages, games, and weight training is at the  Sports Stable in Superior, Colorado.  To view the preliminary 2021-22 Tier-1 season schedule for the 14U, 16U and 19U teams, click on the PDF links below...

Team Colorado Tournament/Travel Events

Team Colorado executes a competitive travel schedule to top national tournaments with the goal of   maximizing exposure to collegiate recruiters.  Like other top AAA programs, Team Colorado relies on reputable and well-attended elite events to provide challenging competition and high-level exposure for our players. Below are the 2020-21 tournament schedules for the 14U, 16U and 19U national-bound Tier-1 teams...

14U AAA Tournaments

  • East Coast Wizards 14U Invitational (10/9 - 10/11 )
  • Two Nations Detroit (10/23 - 10/25)
  • November Tournament - (TBD)
  • Chicago Windy City Elite (12/4 - 12/6
  • Eastern Exposure (1/16 - 1/18)
  • Detroit Elite Girls Invite 92/5 - 2/7)
  • JWHL Cup  (2/12 - 2/15)
  • Rocky Mountain Districts (3/ 5 - 3/7)
  • USA Hockey Nationals (3/25 - 3/29)

16U AAA Tournaments

  • Exeter Showcase (10/2 - 10/4)
  • CCM NIT Minnesota (10/16 - 10/18)
  • Two Nations Detroit (10/23 - 10/25)
  • Chicago Windy City Elite (12/4 - 12/6)
  • ECW Holiday Invitational (12/27 - 12/30)
  • Eastern Exposure (1/16 - 1/18)
  • Detroit Elite Girls Invite (2/5 - 2/7 )
  • JWHL Cup (2/12 - 2/14)
  • Rocky MountainDistricts (3/5 - 3/7)
  • USA Hockey Nationals (3/25 - 3/29)

19U AAA Tournaments

  • Qunnipiac University Faceoff (9/4 - 9/9)
  • Exeter Showcase (10/2 - 10/4O)
  • CCM NIT Minnesota (10/16 - 10/18)
  • Nashville Country Classic (11/26 - 11/29)
  • Chicago Windy City Elite (12/4 - 12/6)
  • Providence/Brown Showcase (1/15 - 1/18)
  • Detroit Elite Girls Invite (2/5 - 2/7)
  • NGHL Granato Cup (2/12 - 2/15)
  • Rocky Mountain Districts (3/5 - 3/7)
  • USA Hockey Nationals (3/25 - 3/29)

Team Fees

Team Colorado has taken multiple productive steps forward in the past month.  The staff is committed to becoming a national model for successful high-performance AAA hockey programming, and Team Colorado strives to become a prominent program leader in player development and advancement.  This season all three Team Colorado teams will boast a permanent home practice facility at Big Bear, with full-season/full-time use of professional team rooms with individual stalls. The weekend home practice and game ice arena and weight room is at the Sport Stable.  

So far this off-season, Team Colorado has added a 14U Tier-1 "national bound" team, and hired a professional director, a new 16U head coach, a mental performance coach, a strength and conditioning coach, a goaltending coach, and retained all other coaches from the previous season .  The staff is committed to operating a first-class program and looks forward to making their mark on girl’s elite youth hockey in the United States.

Team Colorado leadership is currently working on grants, sponsorships and donations to keep fees below the national average while providing a properly run elite youth development program. To ensure all avenues of revenue generation this off-season are exhausted, 2020-21 season fees will be published in early June. Travel and uniform costs are separate from the season fee expenses.